About 7 years ago

11/29/2016 - Midnight Reads – D.C. Council to Vote on Nation’s Most Generous Family Leave Law: 11 Weeks Off, Up To 90 Percent Pay

– The Washington Post 
Washington, D.C.’s City Council appears on the verge of enacting the most sweeping paid federal leave law in the country, allowing 11 weeks of leave to new parents. The Washington Post reports that Council Chairman Phil Mendelson’s plan takes a decidedly European view on family leave, by proposing a 0.62 percent increase in all businesses’ payroll taxes to pay for the plan.
– Reuters 
Faced with a barrage of lawsuits from workers demanding benefits and recognition as employees, some companies in the fast-growing ‘gig economy’ are looking to settle the issues through legislation. New York lawmakers have drafted legislation that would be the first in the nation to authorize industry-wide portable benefits, and could serve as a model for other states, particularly if a bill draws support from organized labor.
– Crain’s Business Journal
Crain’s Business Journal looks at how the City of Chicago is reinterpreting its tax code and applying its 9 percent local “amusement tax” to businesses that subscribe to satellite TV services – namely bars and restaurants that show sports.
– The Atlantic
Left-leaning economists, Democrats, and Republicans may agree with Donald Trump about the need to rebuild and repair, but how to pay for it is another issue.