About 6 years ago

12/01/2016 - Midnight Reads – Local Governments Arrive on Schedule to Buttress Part-Time Workers

– The Wall Street Journal
Proposed laws requiring employers to give workers more predictable and remunerative schedules are sprouting across the nation. Largely aimed at part-time employees in the retail and food-service sectors, the WSJ contends that the plans vary in scope but have common goals: give employees more notice of their schedules, more access to extra hours and extra pay for employers’ last-minute scheduling changes.
– Apparel 
Walmart is making proactive changes to its scheduling practices, a move that’s likely to influence other hourly employers. Their plans will attempt to give employees more power over their schedules, which reflects a broader industry shift toward improving employee well-being.
– The Milken Institute 
Obesity and excess weight is an expanding health problem for more than 60 percent of Americans, and a new study finds that it’s a tremendous drain on the U.S. economy as well. The total cost to treat health conditions related to obesity – ranging from diabetes to Alzheimer’s – plus obesity’s drag on attendance and productivity at work exceeds $1.4 trillion annually. That’s more than twice what the U.S. spends on national defense.
– The Washington Post 
A new survey out last week shows that 51 percent of Americans are more worried than ever about when and whether they will be able to retire, with concerns being strongest among women. Correspondingly, human resource professionals can help manage those concerns with improved financial education and counseling in the workplace.