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02/14/2017 - Midnight Reads – Despite Union Resistance, Right-to-Work Momentum Is Growing

Despite Union Resistance, Right-to-Work Momentum Is Growing
– Governing
This week, New Hampshire could become the first state in the Northeast to pass a right-to-work law. In right-to-work states, employees don’t have to pay union dues, even if their workplace is represented by unions. If right-to-work fails in New Hampshire, it will be a rare setback. There are now 28 states with right-to-work laws on the books, the most recent being enacted in Missouri last week and Kentucky last month.

Why the U.S. Could Suffer Deeper Economic Shock Than China in a Trade War
– The Wall Street Journal
Nicholas Fawcett of Goldman-Sachs figures a 45% tariff on Chinese imports and 35% fees on goods from Mexico would translate into an effective tariff rate of around 11%. Assuming Beijing and Mexico City retaliate with equivalent tariffs, he estimates it could depress U.S. GDP by 0.7 percent by 2019. The most immediate impact would be a surge in prices for American consumers. The higher costs for U.S. goods abroad would also sink demand for American exports.

Employers Are Making Baby Steps on Paid Leave Policies
– City Lab
The U.S. still lags far behind other developed countries in allowing paid leave to new parents, but companies that have invested in more generous policies say the return is worth it.

Why Young Women Play Down Their Career Goals Around Men
– The Wall Street Journal
Nearly two decades into the 21st century, young, professional women feel compelled to minimize their accomplishments and ambitions – but only if they are single, according to a new study of M.B.A. candidates.