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02/15/2017 - Midnight Reads – To Target Undocumented Workers, Some Legislators Want Employers to Do More

To Target Undocumented Workers, Some Legislators Want Employers to Do More
– Governing
Legislators in several states are looking to crack down on illegal immigration in one of the few ways they can: requiring businesses, or at least those that contract with state or local government, to run potential hires through the federal E-Verify system, an internet portal that checks whether people are authorized to work in the U.S. or are using fake documents to apply for jobs.

Fast Food Workers Protested Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee Yesterday
– The Nation
With a billionaire controlling the White House and union membership still tumbling to record lows nationwide, the labor movement might be recoiling in despair in Washington. But as workers across the country protested the nomination of a fast-food magnate as Labor Secretary yesterday, they’re working to seize power on the local level.

Puzder’s Record on Labor Is Terrible. But It’s Typical for The Fast-Food Industry.
– The Washington Post
Liberal commentator Michelle Chen summarizes the labor community’s criticisms of Puzder in a damning attack on the Labor Secretary nominee. Chen expands her barbs to indict industry practices.

Dems Recruit Ivanka Trump on Family Leave
– The Hill
Congressional Democrats are eyeing a powerful ally in their push to expand paid family leave: Ivanka Trump. President Trump’s elder daughter has been an outspoken advocate for expanding maternity benefits in the workplace, using her platform at the Republican National Convention last summer to promote the issue.