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08/09/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Dollars and Sense of Paid Family Leave

The Dollars and Sense of Paid Family Leave

– Forbes 

While politicians have been talking about paid family leave, many U.S. businesses have been putting such policies into practice — without government mandates, without new taxes or tax incentives, and without getting much credit. This is because employers who provide paid leave retain employees at significantly higher levels than those that don’t, and are better able to recruit new employees, a big plus as the labor market tightens and as companies continue to grapple with finding qualified employees.


Is Amazon Killing Restaurant Traffic?

– Nation’s Restaurant News 

The online behemoth’s disruption of the retail landscape will have an immediate impact on foot traffic in restaurants. Many restaurants have historically made their location decisions based on retail trade areas. Fewer people at those trade areas means fewer potential customers.


Smaller Cities Are Making a Comeback. Now All They Need Is Jobs.

– City Lab

America’s smaller cities are winning people back with an explosion of new residential and entertainment options. Now they need to get serious about private sector job growth-and tech isn’t the silver bullet. Could more restaurants fill the void?


Higher Wages Aren’t Just Hurting Labor Costs

– Nation’s Restaurant News 

The rising cost of labor isn’t just hurting restaurants on the staffing front. It’s also costing them more to build new locations. Shortages in many of the trades that make up the construction business, such as framers or plumbers, have driven up costs. Of course, higher wages in other industries is good for restaurants because they want consumers who have more disposable income they can spend to eat out.