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08/08/2017 - Midnight Reads – Donald Trump Is The Fast-Food President

Donald Trump Is The Fast-Food President

– The Huffington Post 

Lobbyists for restaurants, hotels and other franchised businesses spent the last several years fighting the Obama administration on one regulation after another. But the new White House occupant has heard their grievances, making industry-friendly changes to employment laws and how they’re enforced. That’s included abandoning Obama’s overtime reforms, shying away from a minimum wage raise, and limiting who’s considered an “employer” under the law — all of which have a disproportionate effect on lower-wage, labor-intensive fields like fast food.


America’s Job Problem: Low-Wage Work Is Growing Fastest

– CBS News

The country is projected to add almost 8 million jobs through 2022, representing 5 percent growth, according to a new study from CareerBuilder. Even though that represents a positive trend, the findings raise major red flags: Low-wage jobs are expected to grow the fastest, while middle-wage work will continue to decline.


Why Republicans Can’t Just Pivot to Tax Reform

– The Atlantic 

The White House is promising swift action on the GOP’s next priority. But Congress must first pass a budget, and the details are once again dividing the party.


In Minneapolis, Liberal Isn’t Good Enough for the Left

– Governing

Antipathy toward President Trump has energized Democrats, who are sending money to new activist groups that, in turn, are promoting more ardently progressive candidates. Governing Magazine explores this trend and its impacts at the local level, particularly in Minneapolis.