About 6 years ago

11/13/2017 - Midnight Reads – ‘I Don’t Feel Wealthy’: The Upper Middle Class Is Worried About Paying for The Tax Overhaul

– The Washington Post 
Families that are affluent enough for an annual family vacation but not enough for a boat or second home potentially stands to lose under the Republican framework for changing the country’s tax code, which threatens to eliminate or deeply cut deductions for mortgage and student loan interest and state and local taxes. What has been widely overlooked is that residents of well-to-do suburbs in red and blue states across the nation could find themselves in a tax squeeze.
– The Harvard Business Review 
A growing number of executives argue that, today, successful companies are set apart not by their technology and expertise but by their ability to generate social and political support for their projects. The Harvard Business Review explores that claim here.
– Tech Crunch
Google announced it will soon roll out a new feature to its search and maps function, that will show users the estimated wait times for area restaurants, grocery stores and, eventually, other businesses. The addition is an expansion on Google’s existing feature which shows businesses’ busy times, but with a tweak that helps diners better decide where and when they want to eat.
– Bloomberg
The labor market continues to tighten, so why aren’t wages driving up inflation? Sometimes there’s more to the equation than supply of workers (low) and demand for workers (high). Key actors still bear the scars of the great recession, and will do their part only when there is good reason. The restaurant industry is an excellent example.