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11/09/2017 - Midnight Reads – House Takes Major Step Toward Ending Franchise Uncertainty

House Takes Major Step Toward Ending Franchise Uncertainty

– Inside Sources 

House Republicans took a major step toward killing an Obama-era policy Tuesday, passing legislation aimed at better defining the joint-employer. The new legislation would essentially rollback the updated standard by affirming that businesses can only be declared joint-employer if they exercise direct control over the same set of employees. It also aims to address the patchwork of legal interpretations that have emerged over the years from different federal agencies and courts applying their own interpretations.
The GOP Wants to Kill Rule That Led to Astronomical CEO Pay

– Bloomberg 

The Republican tax plan proposes to eliminate a decades-old rule that’s been blamed for fueling the meteoric rise of executive compensation at U.S. companies, and could upend popular retirement-savings programs used by corporate leaders. Under current law, businesses can write off as much as $1 million in compensation expenses for CEOs and four other top-paid bosses, plus any amount beyond that if it’s tied to performance targets. The Republican proposal would keep the $1 million threshold but eliminate the exemption for pay linked to results.
Desperate Employers Search for Holiday Workers in Tight Job Market

– USA Today 

As the holidays draw closer and holiday hiring is in full swing, industries across the board are feeling the unintended side effects of a falling unemployment rate- now at a 17-year low of 4.1%. But retail, food services and delivery, industries that are an essential part of the holiday grind, are among the most vulnerable.


Andrew Ng Wants a New “New Deal” to Combat Job Automation

– MIT Technology Review

One of the world’s foremost experts in artificial intelligence outlines ideas for helping those in jobs he thinks will be automated, from call-center workers, to retail professionals, radiologists, truck drivers, and the like. His vision is, essentially, a modern version of the “New Deal” for hourly workers.