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11/07/2017 - Midnight Reads – Could A Tax Fix the Gig Economy?

Could A Tax Fix the Gig Economy?

– The Atlantic 
The progressive magazine The Atlantic looks at different portable benefits models as a fix for the lack of benefits available to gig economy workers. Are such models starting to gain traction around the country?

Analysis: Booming Labor Market Could Pose Challenge for Powell and the Fed

– The Wall Street Journal 
The hardest job in central banking is to take the punch bowl away from the party just when people are starting to have fun. Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve’s prospective chairman, could soon have to assume the role of sober killjoy as he is confronted with an economy and markets that are heating up.

Tech CEO Says We’ll Wind Up Fixing the Robots That Take Our Jobs

– Fortune         
When robots take over many humans’ jobs, what will people do for a living? According to one CEO who plans to make big money from the transition, the answer is building and servicing robots.

Amazon’s Next Targets: Fedex and UPS

– Axios
Amazon has gotten so good at moving merchandise that it now accounts for 43 cents of every dollar spent online in the U.S., according to eMarketer. What’s next: Lost in this torrent of news are indications that Amazon’s revenue formula is fundamentally changing. Amazon is transitioning from a reliance on retail and cloud services, to instead create future growth by fulfilling shipping services by third-party sellers.