About 6 years ago

01/27/2017 - Midnight Reads – Don’t Ignore The Labor Board

Don’t Ignore The Labor Board
– The Wall Street Journal
The WSJ outlines how pertinent the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will be over a 4-8-year horizon and impresses the need for the President Trump to act quickly on naming appointments.

Expect More Conflict Between Cities and States
– The Huffington Post
With a conservative Republicans dominance at the federal and state level, Democrats are looking to Democratic cities and counties to stand up for progressive policy. However, state lawmakers have already blocked city action on a range of economic, environmental and human rights issues. Looking forward, blue cities are increasingly squaring off against red states challenging preemption laws through litigation and in the court of public opinion.

7 Questions for President Trump on His Controversial Paid Family Leave Plan
– Motto
Paid family leave was one of the few policy areas where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agreed during the campaign, so there’s a good chance that Congress will consider paid family leave proposals under President Trump. Here are seven questions everyone should be asking.

Peak Millennial? Cities Can’t Assume a Continued Boost from the Young
– The New York Times
Over the past decade, many American cities have been transformed by young professionals of the millennial generation, with downtowns turning into bustling neighborhoods full of new apartments and businesses. But soon, cities may start running out of millennials. Demographers, along with economists and real estate consultants, are starting to contemplate what urban cores will look like now that the generation – America’s largest – is cresting.