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01/26/2017 - Midnight Reads – Restaurants: The Next Front for the Immigration Debate

Restaurants: The Next Front for the Immigration Debate
– The Associated Press
The union-backed Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, which recently won headlines opposing Puzder’s nomination, is attempting to push restaurants into the center of the immigration debate and not necessarily in a positive way. One of their tactics is highlighting the number of undocumented workers working in the industry.

Trump’s Attacks on Outsourcing Put Companies on Guard
– The Wall Street Journal
In recent months, Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to criticize Ford Motors, Carrier and General Motors for outsourcing jobs. Now, leaders of U.S. companies with any kind of offshore operations (from IT to other services) are privately worrying that they will come under the scrutiny of a president who has blasted firms for moving production outside American borders.

IFA: Franchise Sector Expected to Grow By $36B in 2017
– Nation’s Restaurant News
The franchise sector is expected to grow by $36 billion in 2017 through business and job additions, led by continued strong performance by the industry that uses the model most: restaurants.

Big Data Is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry
– Marketplace
Marketplace conducted an interview with Damian Mogavero, an author who believes the restaurant industry can benefit from adopting the same kind of big data “money ball” strategies that have transformed professional baseball.