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02/17/2017 - Midnight Reads – The Inconvenient Truth Big Labor Doesn’t Want to Share with America

The Inconvenient Truth Big Labor Doesn’t Want to Share with America
– Fox News
Labor leaders face an inconvenient truth. Despite spending millions of dollars on campaigns like the “Fight for $15 and a Union,” while receiving unprecedented help from a labor-friendly Obama administration, unions have seen little return on investment in their membership rolls.

Undaunted by a Pro-Corporate Trump Administration, the Fight for $15 Pushes Forward
– The Progressive
The Fight for $15 movement aims to expand the push for higher minimum wages into new regions, with the eventual goal of a national $15 per hour minimum wage. The organization is also working to widen its membership beyond the fast-food industry, where it began, and to organize more workers into unions so they can gain benefits and job security along with higher pay.

Puzder Exit Dashes Fast-Food’s Hopes for Seat at Trump Table
– Minnesota Star Tribune
Fast-food’s hopes for representation in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet have been at least temporarily dashed, a major setback for an industry that has felt under siege in recent years. Labor groups and advocates criticized Puzder’s comments about replacing workers with robots and his opposition to significant wage hikes, but industry executives and fast-food franchisees saw him as a figure who would champion their interests in the government.

Hungry Workers Dropping the Drive-Thru in Favor of At-Home and App Options
– NBC News
New reports show that people are eating out less and less – because why walk to a restaurant when you can have an entire meal brought to your desk or sofa via a tap on that ever-present smartphone?