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02/20/2017 - Midnight Reads – Unions Are Losing Their Decades-Long ‘Right-to-Work’ Fight

Unions Are Losing Their Decades-Long ‘Right-to-Work’ Fight
– Bloomberg
Following decades of declining membership, unions face an existential crisis as right-to-work laws being pushed at state and federal levels. Once largely confined to the conservative South, right-to-work is encroaching on unions’ longtime strongholds in the North and Midwest and, pending a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, could soon cover a majority of the unionized workforce in the U.S. Following a 47-year lull, six states in five years have passed right-to-work laws.

Trump’s Inroads in Union Ranks Have Labor Leaders Scrambling
– The New York Times
With President Trump making promising of building infrastructure, rewriting trade agreements and blocking an exodus of jobs, labor leaders find themselves in a tough spot, with a large portion of their membership supporting the new President.

What Does Trump’s Crackdown On Immigration Mean For Restaurants?
– The Boston Globe
About 30 percent of businesses in the restaurant and hotel sector are immigrant-owned, census figures show. The Boston Globe looks at how different businesses are protecting their brands and the immigrant-heavy workforce that makes them run.

What’s Changed–and What Hasn’t — Since Both Presidential Candidates Said We Need Paid Leave
– Inc.
For the first time, both major-party Presidential candidates talked about the need for mandatory paid leave for employees. Now what?