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10/30/2017 - Midnight Reads – Journalism’s Broken Business Model Won’t Be Solved by Billionaires

Journalism’s Broken Business Model Won’t Be Solved by Billionaires

– The New Yorker 

Creating indispensable journalism — whether at the local or national level — is not without cost. It does not want to be free. If people aren’t willing to pay for it, like they pay for the Internet or cell-phone service, then it will surely disappear, sometimes right before your eyes.


Why the Virginia Governor’s Race Could Echo Across the Country

– The Atlantic 

If Republican nominee Ed Gillespie wins, it could inspire candidates to mimic his Trump-like message on crime and immigration in 2018. The Atlantic explores why.


A Harvey Weinstein Moment for the Restaurant Industry?

– The New Yorker 

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, many male-dominated sectors are doing some form of a gut check, and again there is a sense that the restaurant industry might finally be forced to a proper reckoning. The New Yorker contends that the tone in kitchens and in nearly every aspect of the restaurant industry, from chefs and bartenders to sommeliers and management (excluding servers, where there is more parity), is antithetical to women’s success.


Cities and Suburbs Are Becoming Pretty Similar

– Bloomberg

A few decades ago the choice for most people was pretty simple: either the city or the suburbs. The city was exciting but a little dangerous. The suburbs were comfortable but bland. These days our suburbs and cities are converging, which is narrowing our lifestyle choices.