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10/26/2017 - Midnight Reads – Startups Are Turning Customers into Lobbyists

Startups Are Turning Customers into Lobbyists

– Harvard Business Review 

Research from the Harvard Business Review explores how sharing economy companies have prevailed on the regulatory front by using a strategy straight out of the playbook of environmental activists — mobilizing stakeholders to become political advocates.


‘Everything Is at Stake:’ California Unions Brace for A Supreme Court Loss

– The Sacramento Bee

California public employee unions are bracing for a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could limit their ability to collect fees from workers who decline to join.


‘The Last Free Space in America Is a Parking Spot’: On the Road with A New Kind of Workforce

– The Washington Post 

The Washington Post reviews a new book “Nomadland,” where author Jessica Bruder documents the tens of thousands of dispossessed Americans who live itinerant lives in search of seasonal work and affordable rent.


Protected Conduct or Hate Speech? Managing Diverse Viewpoints in the Workplace

– Lexology

Recent events have underscored the difficulties employers face in managing diverse workforces in which employees hold a wide-range of political perspectives. Lexology puts forth strategies for managing such different viewpoints.