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07/31/2017 - Midnight Reads – McDonald’s CEO: ‘We Want To Be The Disrupter’ When Tech Threatens The Restaurant Industry

McDonald’s CEO: ‘We Want To Be The Disrupter’ When Tech Threatens The Restaurant Industry

– Business Insider 

The restaurant industry is ripe for radical disruption — and McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook says the fast-food company is ready to lead the way. Easterbrook says he has “every expectation” that the restaurant industry is about to undergo some major, tech-influenced changes. But unlike retailers such as Sears and Macy’s that have struggled to compete with the rise of ecommerce, he doesn’t want McDonald’s to be torn apart by a quickly-shifting industry.


Inside the Minimum Wage Data War

– Seattle Weekly 

The UW team studying the $15 minimum wage was supposed to transcend politics. Fat chance. The idea behind the study was this: With a policy as politically sensitive as the minimum wage, the Council should take into consideration data, and not politics, when analyzing whether it was working. In the study team’s RFP, they signaled they agreed: “Understanding how Seattle’s citizens, workers, and employers adjust to and are changed by this ordinance is important to assess the measure both to forecast the future well-being of our city and inform other localities interested in following Seattle’s lead.”
An Ode to Shopping Malls

– The New York Times 

Narrated in a low-key voice-over and set to a downbeat soundtrack of retro-synth Vaporwave music, Mr. Bell’s video shorts pay affectionate tribute to, and try to understand, a fallen world. A report issued by Credit Suisse in June predicted that 20 to 25 percent of the more than 1,000 existing enclosed malls in America will close in the next five years.
6 Months In, How Are Rookie Governors Doing?

– Governing 

The nation’s capital may be mired in turmoil these days, but for many governors, the political landscape is somewhat less daunting. That certainly holds true in states with rookie governors — those elected for the first time in November 2016 or elevated to the office in 2017. As in the past, Governing assessed these governors’ first six or so months on the job, based on our discussions with political experts in each state, and sorted them into three main categories: thriving, surviving or struggling.