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07/28/2017 - Midnight Reads – Trump Isn’t Hurting the Economy. Here’s Why.

Trump Isn’t Hurting the Economy. Here’s Why.

– The Washington Post

It’s amazing how little difference the absence of a functional figure at the top in Washington has made: The global economy, the United States very much included, continues to generate steady if unspectacular growth, price stability and job creation. Even recent laggards such as Europe and Japan seem poised for some of their best results in years.


Maybe We’ve Been Thinking About the Productivity Slump All Wrong

– The New York Times 

American businesses are doing a terrible job at making their workers more productive. At least, that is the standard way of thinking about productivity and its relationship to the economy. In a mainstream view, productivity is a kind of magic force that helps explain rising output. But new labor-saving inventions have come along or new management practices are taken up that miraculously allow companies to produce more output with fewer hours of work.


Tech Workers Brace for Seattle’s Plan to ‘Tax the Rich’


Seattle’s latest attempt to address the affordability crisis is “tax the rich” — a new income tax on anyone making more than $250,000 a year or couples making more than $500,000. If it overcomes a legal challenge, the tax would be earmarked for affordable housing, services for the homeless and transit to help lower-paid workers find housing further from downtown.
Economy Needs Workers, But Drug Tests Take a Toll

– The New York Times 

$78.5 billion — That’s the estimated cost of prescription opioid abuse in 2013, according to a federal study. That doesn’t incorporate costs of lost productivity experienced by employers who are having trouble staffing up, with some reporting that as many as a quarter of applicants can’t pass a drug test.