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10/04/2017 - Midnight Reads – It’s Nine Years Since the Recession. So Why Are Employers Still Stingy with Raises?

It’s Nine Years Since the Recession. So Why Are Employers Still Stingy with Raises?

– The Washington Post 

Companies increased average salary budgets by about 3% between 2016 and 2017 and expect to do the same next year. That’s about the same increase they offered in the years immediately after the recession. The slow pace of payroll growth has continued to puzzle economists, who say plunging unemployment rates, surging stocks, a shrinking labor force and stable federal spending should be prompting employers to allocate more to payroll.


Older Workers — Not Millennials — Are Driving the Gig Economy

– HR Drive

Around 7% of executives think hiring contractors will give them the agility they seek, according to research from Mavenlink, a cloud-based software provider. Older, seasoned white-collar workers — not millennials — are driving the gig economy shift. Although executives favor hiring more gig workers, most organizations (69%) don’t have the support mechanisms and policies in place to manage them, and 77% said they don’t comprehend the changes required to manage those workers.


Are States Really More Efficient Than the Federal Government?

– The Atlantic 

There is little evidence that the states are more efficient administrators than Washington is, and some evidence that they might be less so. The Atlantic contends that delegating programs to the states would likely result in greater disparities in what programs offer and slimmer budgets overall, more than any radical improvements in efficiency.


Aging Boomer Population Demonstrates Economic Benefits of Paid Leave Policies

– Stevens Institute of Technology 

Paid family leave policies offer tremendous benefits to the U.S. economy by keeping the labor force participation rate strong — especially ahead of the “silver wave” of aging boomers, many of whom will require care from children who are working full time.