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10/05/2017 - Midnight Reads – Start-Ups Use Technology to Redesign the Hiring Process

Start-Ups Use Technology to Redesign the Hiring Process

– The New York Times 

Iris Bohnet, a behavioral economist and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, spoke to the founders of two behavioral design start-ups, Kate Glazebrook of Applied and Frida Polli of Pymetrics, for the latest on the algorithmic design revolution that is transforming hiring practices. The New York Times outlines their conversation here.


Rebuild Our Rickety Roads and Bridges Through Tax Reform

– The Hill         

Momentum is building for the first overhaul of the nation’s convoluted tax code since the Tax Reform Act of 1986. With Republicans in control of Congress and the Trump administration eager to sign legislation providing tax relief for Americans, we’re approaching a unique moment of time where the impossible may be possible. The Hill contends that code should promote voluntary and mandatory investment in infrastructure. The country currently needs about $4 trillion in infrastructure investment, and President Trump has committed to $1 trillion over 10 years, though details remain sparse.
After Uber and Wells Fargo, Boards Wake Up to Company Culture

– The Wall Street Journal 

Corporate culture counts. But bad culture can damage a company’s reputation, results and recruitment. That’s why boards are starting to scrutinize the cultures of companies they serve. One panel thinks boards should monitor corporate culture as vigilantly as they do risks. The 34-member commission, organized by the National Association of Corporate Directors, released an extensive report that suggests how boards could bolster their oversight of company culture. The Wall Street Journal explores those suggestions here.


American Optimism About the Economy Hits an All-Time High

– CNBC   

The public’s views on the economy continue to cruise at lofty levels but the optimism does not appear to be lifting the president’s approval rating. The third-quarter CNBC All-America Economic Survey found 43 percent of the public believes the economy is excellent or good, a record high in the 10-year history of the survey. However, just 38 percent of the public approves of Trump’s job as president, up a point from June, while 52 percent disapproves, also up a point.