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05/04/2017 - Midnight Reads – NLRB Rules Sped Up Union Elections By 38 Percent

NLRB Rules Sped Up Union Elections By 38 Percent

– The Hill 

Workers have been organizing union elections 38 percent faster since the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) changed its rules two years ago, according to a new analysis. On average, workers must wait 24 days from the time a petition is filed until the union election is held. That’s a sharp decline from the previous average of 39 days. Proponents of the rule say it prevents companies from intimidating workers against organizing a union. But critics say it does not give managers enough time to talk with their workers before they vote.


Walmart Has A Plan To Trick People Into Saving Money

– The Atlantic 

The Atlantic explores Walmart’s curious, possibly ingenious effort to get customers to build up their savings accounts. A “prize savings” feature is advertised to app users, where if there is a balance in a virtual “vault,” meaning that it does not show up in available funds, users are eligible to win a cash prize in a monthly drawing-up to $1,000. Every dollar in the MoneyCard Vault would equal an entry in that month’s drawing. That’s more or less the goal of the Walmart MoneyCard Vault: to encourage the unexciting habit of saving, especially among the considerable number of low- and middle-income Americans who don’t use traditional bank accounts.


While Paid Leave Increases for Dads, Many Don’t Take It


Leave policies for new dads are becoming more generous. But you’re still among the lucky few if your company offers one – along with a workplace culture that encourages you to take it. New data finds that the average amount of paid paternity leave offered by top companies has jumped from 4 weeks in 2015 to 11 weeks in 2017. But it’s still rare that a new dad who has access to, and actually uses, paid leave, said Josh Levs, the author of “All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families and Businesses – And How We Can Fix It Together.”


How Heritage Went Wrong

– The Wall Street Journal 

The Heritage Foundation has played a storied role in the spread of conservative ideas going back to its founding in 1973. But in recent years the think tank has lost its way, and on Tuesday the Heritage board removed President and CEO Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina Republican Senator.