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05/05/2017 - Midnight Reads – Half of Millennials Could Be Competing with Robots for Jobs

Half of Millennials Could Be Competing with Robots for Jobs

– The Washington Post 

About half of millennials looking for work are interested in jobs that carry a risk of automation, a new study suggests. The findings indicate the youngest and most educated generation in the American workforce isn’t necessarily more robot-proof than older workers, who tend to be portrayed as the primary victims of automation. Job security, some economists theorize, lies in roles that require an understanding of something less predictable: human behavior. Think management, medical and creative roles.


Where Automation Poses the Biggest Threat to American Jobs

– City Lab 

When you think about robots and automation taking people’s jobs, the first thing that comes to mind might be a factory assembly line in the rust belt. While those jobs are of course being hit, they might not be automation’s primary target. For that, you might want to look to places like San Bernardino and even Las Vegas.


Revealed: How Facial Recognition Has Invaded Shops – And Your Privacy

– The Guardian 

Amazon knows almost everything about you: age, sex, shopping habits and even the weather in your town. But, it can’t track your mood. That’s where brick-and-mortars hope to gain some ground. Saks Fifth Avenue and hundreds of other stores are using facial recognition to track how often you shop, what you look at and even your emotions. So much that the video analytics industry could creep up to $11 billion in five years. Combine that facial data with your credit card from the register and you’ve got a full profile — and It could be the key to catching Amazon.


Amazon’s Echo Look Takes Outfit Photos and Suggests the Best Styles for You

– Ars Technica 

Online clothes shopping is hard because you can’t try anything on. Amazon may have found the solution, but it’s just as dystopian as brick-and-mortar’s new tech. Amazon just launched an AI-powered camera that can take measurements and suggest outfits for you.