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05/08/2017 - Midnight Reads – Survey: Just 5 Percent of Economists Believe Trump’s Big Tax Promise

Survey: Just 5 Percent of Economists Believe Trump’s Big Tax Promise

– The Washington Post 

President Trump is planning on cutting taxes, and his advisers have been arguing that he does not need to reduce federal spending at the same time. Instead, they say, reduced taxes will stimulate the U.S. economy to such a great degree that the government will not have to borrow more money to make up the difference. Economists aren’t buying it, according to a new survey conducted at the University of Chicago.


Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete with Amazon?

– Bloomberg 

To compete in the age of Amazon, Bloomberg takes a look inside Wal-Mart’s game plan to gain ground on their e-commerce competitors and repurpose Wal-Mart’s historically underachieving internet operation. Wal-Mart’s recent acquisition spree includes online store Jet, that sells almost everything including books, electronics, and clothes — a move that might give the retail giant much-needed digital chops.


NLRB Chair Miscimarra Likely to Turn Back Pro-Union Measures

– HR Drive 

HR Drive delivers a look at what the future of the NLRB may look like under its new leadership.


Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs

– MIT Technology Review 

Today apple orchards rely on people to pick their crops. Orchard owners say they need automation because seasonal farm labor is getting harder to come by. The MIT Technology Review looks at the new technology and explores the industries where it may show up next.