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08/17/2017 - Midnight Reads – Report: Facebook Tests Targeting Ads Based on In-Store Visits

Report: Facebook Tests Targeting Ads Based on In-Store Visits

– Retail Dive 

Facebook is testing allowing brands to target people who have already made an in-store visit via ads on Facebook, Instagram and through its Audience Network ad platform. Offline attribution is a marketing goal that mobile has made more possible than ever as increasing numbers of consumers allowing digital ad platforms like Facebook and Google to track their movements via enabled GPS on their devices.


Amazon’s Latest Delivery Estimate: Two Minutes

– MIT Technology Review 

Amazon’s latest trick is getting an order to you in two minutes flat. It’s the e-commerce giant’s new Instant Pickup offering, which is being rolled out at five college campuses, including University of California, Berkeley, with more claimed to be on the way.


Where the Robots Are

– Brookings

The Brookings Institution looks at specifics about where exactly automation may displace workers – and where not.


Inside the Increasingly Complex Algorithms That Get Packages to Your Door

– MIT Technology Review 

The MIT Technology reviews takes a deep dive into how more and more companies are leveraging science to deliver products to your door.