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08/16/2017 - Midnight Reads – Trump Gives Heartburn to American CEOs

Trump Gives Heartburn to American CEOs


It took three weeks for Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier to go from a “business genius” to a “ripoff” drug executive — at least in the eyes of President Donald Trump. When it comes to President Trump, there is a tricky balancing act for America’s CEOs. Avoid Trump and run the risk of being his target — or get close to this White House at your peril.
Walmart Beats Amazon

– Forbes 

Traditional retailer Walmart is coming back big time. And it is beating online retailer Amazon in the last three to six months. On Wall Street that is.


The Incredible Shrinking Sears

– The New York Times 

Imagine a retailer that began by specializing in just one product, then grew into a mammoth that redefined the American shopping experience. Among its innovations: No matter where you lived, it shipped your order directly to you, whether you were looking for cast-iron cookware, a mandolin, the newest technological marvel, or the latest in petticoats. Amazon, right? Actually, it was Sears — a century ago. New York Times catalogs the rise and fall of an American retail icon.
The Problem with The Restaurant Boom

– The Week 

Back in the mid-century, manufacturing was the backbone of the American economy. Soon, the restaurant industry may well replace it. But here’s the thing: Manufacturing jobs weren’t just plentiful in past decades. They were good jobs, heavily unionized and well-paid. Restaurant jobs generally pay around $12.50 an hour – a measly $26,000 a year. And they’re basically not unionized at all.