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02/03/2017 - Midnight Reads – Why the Restaurant Industry’s Relationship with US Government Is Still #Complicated

Why the Restaurant Industry’s Relationship with US Government Is Still #Complicated
– QSR Web
With the many regulations imposed on the restaurant industry over the past eight years by the Obama Administration, it’s no secret the two didn’t exactly share a love affair. Many were hoping things between the industry and the government would be a little less strained under a Donald Trump presidency. But, QSR Web proposes that it’s safe to say their relationship status could still be classified as “#complicated.”

Two Years Ago, This Ruling Rocked Franchising to Its Core. Now Everything May Change Again.
– Entrepreneur
In 2014, all hell broke loose in the franchising world. The McDonald’s corporation was found at least partially responsible for its franchisees’ employees by the NRLB. More than two years later, franchising is still standing, but the situation remains a hot, sizzling mess served up on a sesame seed bun. And yet, there’s now the potential for all of this to swiftly come to an end — and soon.

Mexico’s Potential Weapons if Trump Declares War on NAFTA
– The New York Times
What leverage does Mexico have at the bargaining table with President Trump, and what’s the potential fallout if the President overplays his hand?

McDonald’s Burger Machine Unveiled As “Fight For $15” Moves Forward
– The New Boston Post
At the same time as a coalition dedicated to passing legislation that would boost the state’s hourly minimum wage to $15 delivered its presentation on Beacon Hill, across town in Kenmore Square a McDonald’s franchise unveiled the world’s first Big Mac machine.