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12/20/2016 - Midnight Reads – Seeing Eye to Eye on Corporate Tax Cuts

Seeing Eye to Eye on Corporate Tax Cuts
– The Wall Street Journal
Tax reform will be the major domestic policy issue of 2017. Although the public debate will focus on personal income tax cuts, overhauling the corporate tax code is economically more important. A well-designed reform of business taxes can raise productivity and real wages, increasing the quality of jobs available in the U.S. The way to achieve this is twofold.

Nine New Findings About Inequality in the United States
– The New York Times
Thomas Piketty, one of the world’s leading voices on economic inequality, has co-authored a new study that shows almost zero economic growth for the lower 50% of Americans. The New York Times summarizes his findings in nine graphs.

How Donald Trump’s New Top Economic Adviser Views the World
– The Wall Street Journal
The No. 2 executive at Goldman Sachs has weighed in on monetary policy, China, inversions and other hot-button policy issues. The Wall Street Journal presents an insightful Q&A with Gary Cohn, Trump’s pick to head the National Economic Council.

What Happens If You #DrainTheSwamp? Poland May Have the Answer
– Bloomberg
Swept to power on a similar wave of anger against urban and political elites as President-elect Donald Trump in the U.S., Poland’s Law & Justice party has been purging the state of what, in their view, is the self-serving elite that misruled Poland for most of the last 27 years. Bloomberg suggests Poland’s story could provide a roadmap for what’s going to happen in America.