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12/21/2016 - Midnight Reads – U.S. Service Sector Revenue Growth Accelerates

U.S. Service Sector Revenue Growth Accelerates
– The Wall Street Journal
Revenue growth across the sprawling U.S. service sector continued to accelerate in the third quarter, a sign of health in key sectors of the economy.

Disney Store and Other Retailers Ditch On-Call Scheduling
– The Washington Post
In recent years, many retail and restaurant chains have turned to on-call scheduling, a practice in which employees must be prepared to come in for a shift, but could find out at the last minute that they don’t have to report to work. It’s a strategy that helps companies keep a lid on costs but has drawn fierce criticism from labor advocates, who say it makes life unnecessarily difficult for workers to coordinate child care and juggle other personal commitments.

Minimum Wage Going Up In 21 States, 22 Cities
– CNN Money
Come the new year, millions of the lowest-wage workers across the country will get a raise. Some of those raises will be very minor — a cost of living adjustment amounting to an extra nickel or dime an hour. But in several places the jump will be between $1 and $2 an hour.

Why Do ‘Robots’ Come Up in Discussions About Raising the Minimum Wage?
– Omaha World-Herald
It’s a scenario often invoked by critics of minimum wage increases: Fast-food workers replaced with burger-flipping robots. The imagery resurfaced when President-elect Donald Trump named Andrew Puzder to head the Labor Department. Puzder, CEO of the company that owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, is known for saying significant wage hikes would lead to job losses and the automation of some tasks.