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03/30/2017 - Midnight Reads – Selling What They Preach

Selling What They Preach

– The Atlantic 

The Atlantic explores an interesting trend in advertising. The story looks at the recent surge in advertising that is part political, part moral and makes claims, “not just about what we should buy, but about what we should be.” To be relevant in America, right now will often demand explicit engagement with American politics. In that sense, it makes sense that commercial messages are putting the “ad” in “advocacy.”


Ad Trust Rises as News Trust Sinks

– Axios

One reason why the tone and tenor of advertising is becoming more important: New research shows that 61% of people trust ads versus the 32% that trust the news.


How to Make Employment Fair in an Age of Contracting and Temp Work

– Harvard Business Review 

David Weil, Administrator of DOL’s Wage and Hour Division in the Obama Administration, comments on his premise of the “fissured workplace.” He finds that as firms outsource activities like payroll, publications, human resources, janitorial work, and security, each level of this fissured workplace structure still requires a financial return for their work. The further down one goes, the slimmer the remaining profit margins which means the incentives to cut corners rise – leading to violations of our fundamental labor standards.


Republicans Learn to Love a Regulation


As soon as this week, the Senate is poised to overturn two Department of Labor rules that concern retirement savings. But instead of tying firms in red tape, the rules actually reduce the burden of regulations on states and businesses trying to help people save for retirement, therefore, repealing them would put the obstructive regulations right back in place. Critics suspect something else lies behind the GOP’s sudden affection for costly consumer-protection rules.