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03/31/2017 - Midnight Reads – Six Ways to Tell If Trump Is Sabotaging Obamacare

Six Ways to Tell If Trump Is Sabotaging Obamacare

– The Atlantic 

The president appears to be rooting for the Affordable Care Act to fail. If the president is seen as purposely seeking to destroy the ACA to try to make his claims come true, he will destroy the trust he needs for any chance at future bipartisan legislation. Here are six non-legislative markers to watch to judge whether Trump is doing everything in his power to ensure that what Paul Ryan recently called the “the law of the land” will work as well as possible, or whether he chooses the path of putting the health care of millions at risk.


What Government Can Learn From Business

– Governing 

Many public-sector management challenges are unique, but there are plenty of private-sector techniques that government can profit from. Governing presents a few transferrable practices.

Instagram Killed the Retail Store

– Bloomberg BNA

For members of Generation Z, Instagram is the core of an instinctive methodology for building a brand, garnering a following, and generating sales. The members of Gen Z are rewriting the rules of selling fashion. This low-budget, social-media-fueled approach to sales is overtaking traditional advertising.


The Tech Industry Joins the Political Fray

– The Atlantic 

However expansive its ambitions to change the world might be, the tech industry is not known as a hotbed of activism. But the current administration’s brand of politics -“closed borders,” “alternative facts”- is at odds with the primacy the industry places on data, openness, and the free flow of talent around the globe. The Atlantic explores tech’s uptick in political mobilization and its ability to have a substantial impact on public opinion, in part because of the demographics of the people who comprise it.