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02/13/2018 - New Report Explores The Forces Affecting The Future Of Work

New Report Explores The Forces Affecting The Future Of Work

– Forbes

The last few years have seen a wide range of reports from governments, think tanks, consultancies and academics exploring how the future of work might look. Many of these have revolved around the impact technology, and especially AI, might have on how (and indeed whether) we work. The latest effort takes a slightly broader view and examines not just the technological landscape but also demographic and economic forces.

Economists Don’t Know When We’re At Full Employment. Here’s Why That’s So Important Right Now.

– The Washington Post

Recent events have exposed a hole in the middle of economists’ knowledge of key economic parameters: We know neither the unemployment rate at full employment nor the potential level of gross domestic product (GDP).

Liberals Wanted Fiscal Stimulus. Conservatives Delivered It.

– The New York Times

Left-leaning economists hate the timing and the composition. But the expansionary fiscal policy they sought is on the way.

The Tax Law Is About To Make Analyzing Earnings Trickier

– The Wall Street Journal

The new U.S. tax law could throw a monkey wrench into a method many analysts and investors use to gauge the strength of companies’ earnings.