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02/14/2018 - Why Workers Are Striking Less Than Ever

Why Workers Are Striking Less Than Ever

– The Wall Street Journal

The number of work stoppages has declined sharply since the 1970s. From 2008 to 2017, there were 129 strikes or employer lockouts involving more than 1,000 workers, for an average of 13 major work stoppages annually in the decade. That pace is sharply below the overall annual average since 1947 of 162 a year.

What Trucking Tells Us About The Future Of Work

– The Washington Post

Truck drivers are often cited as an example of impending job destruction wrought by automation. But the reality is more complicated. A new study by Uber argues that millions of driver jobs will survive well into the future and that the spread of driverless trucks may actually stimulate the need for more – not fewer – drivers.

Democrats Paid A Huge Price For Letting Unions Die

– Daily Intelligencer

From New York Magazine: “The GOP understands how important labor unions are to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, historically, has not. If you want a two-sentence explanation for why the Midwest is turning red (and thus, why Donald Trump is president), you could do worse than that.”

Is Tech Dividing America

– Politico

When Americans consider how technology has changed their lives, they tend to focus on how the internet and smartphones have altered how they watch TV, connect with friends, or how they shop. But those changes pale in comparison to how technology has already restructured the economy, shaking up the workforce and shifting opportunity to tech-centric urban hubs.