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05/09/2019 - How New Research Is Shaking Up The Debate About A $15 Minimum Wage

– Vox
A new highly anticipated study suggests the worst-feared consequences of minimum wage hikes did not come to pass. Employment did not decrease in places where wages went up, and there was actually a residually positive effect on wages for other lower-income workers.
 The Wall Street Journal
By design, the course is focused on undergraduates – and not those seeking a traditional master of business administration degree.
– Chain Store Age
Workplace issues are growing increasingly complex amid a growing patchwork of state and local employment laws and the ongoing #MeToo movement.
– The Wall Street Journal
Warehousing and storage companies added 5,400 jobs last month, according to preliminary figures the Labor Department reported Friday, the fourth straight month of growth in a sector that includes fulfillment centers that process and ship online orders.