About 4 years ago

05/10/2019 - Chik-fil-A’s Lean Menu Helps Chain Bulk Up

– The Wall Street Journal
The closely held company this year is poised to become the third-biggest U.S. restaurant chain by sales behind McDonald’s and Starbucks.
 The Washington Post
Uber says its real strength isn’t in being a taxi alternative. Instead, it is its ability to apply its vast data trove and routing software to rewrite how goods and people move from one place to another, using computer algorithms to remove what tech sees as inefficiencies in the world.
– The Wall Street Journal
At a time when Sears Holdings Corp. and Macy’s Inc. are shutting down stores, and many malls are struggling to attract high-profile tenants to fill empty spaces, the giant online retailer has been ramping up its presence in physical retail.
– Bloomberg
With 10 percent of the companies making 80 percent of the money, those in the middle get squeezed from both ends.