About 4 years ago

01/25/2019 - With Paid Leave, Gates Foundation Says There Can Be Too Much Of A Good Thing

– The New York Times
Last week, the foundation told employees it was cutting paid parental leave by half, to six months, because yearlong leaves were impairing the work of the foundation.
 The Wall Street Journal
As she seeks the 2020 presidential nomination of the Democratic party, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is giving voters fair warning that she does not accept the Constitution’s limits on federal power.

When The Next Recession Comes, The Robots Will Be Ready

– The Washington Post
This next wave of automation won’t just be sleek robotic arms on factory floors. It will be ordering kiosks, self-service apps and software smart enough to perfect schedules and cut down on the workers needed to cover a shift. Employers are already testing these systems.
– Nation’s Restaurant News
KFC pledged Thursday to eliminate non-recoverable or non-reusable plastic-based packaging from its global supply chain by 2025. The pledge applies to consumer-facing packaging such as such as container lids, plastic bags, straws and cutlery.