About 4 years ago

01/24/2019 - The World’s Biggest Brands Want You To Refill Your Orange Juice And Deodorant

– The Wall Street Journal
Critics question whether the project will achieve scale in the face of high costs and entrenched consumer behavior. But, if successful, the companies say the efforts will reduce waste from single-use packaging. It could also be a way to woo eco-conscious consumers, glean data and foster brand loyalty.
Yello’s annual survey of recent college graduates makes it clear: career path is one of the most important factors when candidates consider a job offer, ranking higher than salary.

The Unprecedented Surge In Fear About Climate Change

– The Atlantic
More Americans than ever are worried about climate change, but they’re not willing to pay much to stop it.
– Forbes
Although cannabis is legal in two-thirds of the states, there are few places where people are legally allowed to use cannabis publicly. Because there are no federal standards, all the various states and localities that have legalized cannabis are coming up with their own rules and regulations.