About 4 years ago

01/23/2019 - Compostables, Meant To Cut Plastic Waste, Are Stumbling

– The Wall Street Journal
Compostable bags, cups and cutlery are becoming more popular amid the mounting backlash against plastic waste, but many aren’t making it to the compost heap.
 The Wall Street Journal
Glassdoor has become an important arbiter of employee sentiment in today’s highly competitive job market. A Wall Street Journal investigation shows it can be manipulated by employers trying to sway opinion in their favor.

People Love Medicare For All Until They’re Told It’ll Raise Their Taxes

– Business Insider
Support for “Medicare-for-all” plunges when people are asked if they’d pay higher taxes or put up with treatment delays to get it, a survey by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation finds.
– Roll Call
The top business association in the country is making a concerted effort to create more political space in the middle of the partisan divide.