About 4 years ago

01/22/2019 - Starbucks Isn’t As Popular As It Used To Be. So It’s Trying Out Delivery.

– The Washington Post
Starbucks is expanding its delivery service and aims to offer it at nearly one-fourth of its U.S. company-operated coffee shops.
 The Washington Post
A former New York Times reporter offers a critical take on the left’s failure to address “men’s issues.”

Citigroup Reveals Female Employees Earn 29% Less Than Men Do

– Bloomberg
Citigroup Inc. recently offered an uncharacteristically blunt assessment of the pay gap between men and women in its global workforce, revealing that female employees earn 29 percent less than men do. The disclosure – a comparison of median total compensation – offers a more complete picture of pay, compared with the figures Citigroup and other big banks released last year under pressure from shareholders in the U.S. and regulators in the U.K.
– The Wall Street Journal
Shippers and freight-handlers say U.S. agencies that oversee the flow of goods are starting to cut back services and working hours, raising concerns that delays will spread across supply chains if the partial government shutdown continues much longer.