About 5 years ago

09/21/2018 - Problem For Stores In A Hot Economy: Where Do You Find Holiday Workers?

– CNN 
Retailers are making big hiring plans in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush. But finding workers could prove difficult in a tight labor market.
Adding 3,000 convenience stores would make AmazonGo among the biggest chains in the U.S.

How The South’s New Progressives Are Taking On The GOP

– Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone provides analysis, in a way that only it can, of the rise of progressive candidates in the South. Here’s a taste: “the Republican strategy for fending off the South’s new progressives, such as it is, can be neatly divided into three major categories of delightfully lame, exclamation-pointed asshattery.”
– The New York Times
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world’s wealthiest man, has been publicly agonizing over a vexing problem: what to do with all his money.