About 5 years ago

09/24/2018 - Why Tariff And Trade Disputes Are More Than A Money Problem

– The New York Times
It could unravel a complex series of rules and agreements that have served to moderate the behavior of great powers like the United States, China, the Soviet Union and, now, Russia.
To date, the negative impacts of the escalating trade war with China has only hurt small pockets of farmers and manufacturers. A majority of Americans have yet to feel the impact. That could soon change.

The Rise Of The Restaurant Robot

– Forbes
The type of experience a business wants to provide its customers, combined with forces like labor and real estate costs, will influence the rate at which automation replaces humans and disrupts the traditional workflow. But is the rise of the robot the demise of the restaurant server, chef and bartender?
– The Washington Post
Since the 1970s, class-based political language and appeals to blue-collar identity have been at the heart of conservative efforts to win over working- and lower-middle-class white voters. Republicans have won the battle for these voters for 40 years by speaking to their blue-collar identity and values.