About 3 years ago

08/13/2020 - Restaurants In The U.S. Become A Hot Spot For Infection

-The New York Times
Data from states and cities show that many community outbreaks of the coronavirus this summer have centered on restaurants and bars, often the largest settings to infect Americans.
– Axios
The Economic Liberties Project is providing restaurants with an organizing guide with tips on contacting local legislators and encouraging them to sign a letter to the Federal Trade Commission urging the agency to investigate GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats and Postmates.
– The Atlantic
They’re hoping that the vice-presidential nominee will be as malleable as Joe Biden.
– USA Today
An op-ed from Georgia State University law professor: “Responsible businesses have no reason to fear coronavirus lawsuits. The law requires only that they follow safety guidance from public health experts.”