About 4 years ago

11/29/2018 - Senate Republicans Vote To Scale Back Michigan Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave Laws

– The Detroit News
Michigan Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to scale back minimum wage and paid sick leave laws over objections from Democrats, who argued the lame-duck maneuvers may be unconstitutional and undermine the will of voters who signed petitions for the initiatives.
Nationwide numbers paint a rosy picture of accelerating growth and near-full employment. Swaths of the countryside tell a different story.

Fed Says Millennials Are Just Like Their Parents. Only Poorer

– Bloomberg
Millennials, long presumed to have less interest in the nonstop consumption of goods that underpins the American economy, might not be that different after all, a new study from the Federal Reserve says.
– The Wall Street Journal
Robots may be coming for our jobs. But a growing body of evidence suggests that workers have everything to gain from welcoming them.