About 4 years ago

01/16/2019 - The Skills Gap Is Fixed, Because There Was No Skills Gap

– The Washington Post
If certain types of workers were in short supply, then the ones that existed should have seen their employment, hours, and wages all go up even in the face of the slow recovery.
Just as American workers are starting to see some real improvement in hourly pay, the fear is that – as central bankers traditionally do – the Fed will put a stop to it by raising interest rates. That’s because “wage growth” means inflation, according to economic orthodoxy, and inflation is the Fed’s main enemy.

After A Strong 2018 For Retail Sales, Caution Flags Pop Up

– The Wall Street Journal
After retail sales wrapped up 2018 strongly, U.S. consumers face headwinds to maintaining last year’s robust level of spending.
– Medium
Former Google executive Azhar Hashem, an outsider to the Bay Area restaurant world saw the Tawla restaurant as a chance to blend her homespun culinary knowledge with her engineering background and 10-plus years of management experience in tech. What Hashem found in her two years operating Tawla was a Bay Area restaurant industry she sees as broken.