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01/03/2018 - Tax Law Offers A Carrot To Gig Workers. But It May Have Costs.

Tax Law Offers A Carrot To Gig Workers. But It May Have Costs.

– The New York Times

The new tax law is likely to accelerate a hotly disputed trend in the American economy by rewarding workers who sever formal relationships with their employers and become contractors.

Why The New Tax Bill May Drive Retailers To Hire Less, Automate More


The cashier and other “labor intensive” jobs may be automated faster thanks to the tax bill.

An Experiment With In-Home Deliveries Is Under Way.

– The Economist

After staying at home one afternoon for a delivery of discounted toilet disinfectant that never came, Valentin Romanov, a Stockholm IT manager, installed a special lock on his flat’s entrance. Four months on, Mr Romanov has doubled his spending online and says he cannot imagine life without in-home deliveries. These are sweet words for delivery firms and online retailers, Amazon included, that are setting up partnerships with lock manufacturers to overcome a big hurdle for e-commerce.

Review: Amazon Wants A Key To Your House. I Did It. I Regretted It.

– Orlando Sentinel

From the Orlando Sentinel Opinion Page: “gave Amazon.com a key to go into my house and drop off packages when I’m not around. After two weeks, it turns out letting strangers in has been the least-troubling part of the experience.”