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01/04/2018 - The Opioid Crisis Comes To The Workplace

The Opioid Crisis Comes To The Workplace

– The Atlantic

While traffic accidents, homicides, and suicides are still the top culprits of on-the-job fatalities, deaths related to addiction are increasing at a rapid clip. Last year alone, the number of workers who died at work because of drug- or alcohol-abuse-related incidents increased by more than 30 percent, to more than 200.

Food Swamps Are The New Food Deserts

– The Atlantic

Populating food deserts (areas that are more than a mile from a grocery store) is a favored cause among nutrition advocates, but the concept became controversial after some recent studies found the distance to the nearest grocery store doesn’t correlate with a region’s obesity rate. Now, new research suggests food deserts might not be the culprit-or at least not the only one-for the high prevalence of obesity in certain areas. Instead, “food swamps” might be to blame.

This Year Has Seen An Explosion Of Rage About Sexual Harassment: Will It Lead To Lasting Change?

– The Economist

You have applied for a job and the interviewer asks you a question that lands like a bombshell: do you have a boyfriend? Then another: do people find you desirable? And a third: do you think it is important for women to wear bras to work? If you are a woman you probably know what you would do.

We Asked 615 Men About How They Conduct Themselves At Work

– The New York Times

The victims of sexual harassment who have recently come forward are far from alone: Nearly half of women say they have experienced some form of it at work at least once in their careers. But there has been little research about those responsible. In a new survey, about a third of men said they had done something at work within the past year that would qualify as objectionable behavior or sexual harassment.