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01/05/2018 - Future Of Work: The Retail Implosion

Future Of Work: The Retail Implosion

– Axios

Big Retail is coming off its worst year since the financial crash and there will be more bloodletting: 50 retailers declared bankruptcy in 2017, and next year looks worse.

The Gig Economy May Strengthen Men’s ‘Invisible Advantage’ At Work

– Citylab

A study finds that male privilege not only hurts women when they’re looking for work-it also puts them at a disadvantage when they’re the ones doing the hiring.

American Reams: Why A ‘Paperless World’ Still Hasn’t Happened

– The Guardian

The Guardian looks at how the internet (and our reliance on screens instead of hard copies, electronic payments instead of checks, etc.) seemingly brought the paper industry to the brink of extinction… then brought it right back with all of the products needed to support the gig economy; everything from Amazon shipping containers to containers for food delivery.

America’s Worst Graveyard Shift Is Grinding Up Workers

– Bloomberg

From Bloomberg: “In an era of heightened concern about food safety, meat and poultry producers are happy to pay sanitation companies for their expertise. The sanitation companies also assume the headaches and risk of staffing positions that only the destitute or desperate will take – very often undocumented immigrants.”