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01/08/2018 - Wall Street And Washington Have Never Been Further Apart

Wall Street And Washington Have Never Been Further Apart

– The Washington Post

The nation’s political and financial capitals have never felt so far apart. Washington is kicking off the new year with a fresh round of Trump-fueled chaos. On Wall Street, meanwhile, the sky hardly seems the limit.

Will America’s Economy Overheat In 2018?

– The Economist

The labour market is the healthiest it has been for at least a decade. But inflation remains low.

Westward Bound! More And More Americans Are Leaving The East Coast

– Daily Mail

United Van Lines, a nationwide moving company, released its annual report, reaffirming that Americans are leaving the northeast and moving west and south.

2018 Will Be The Year That Large, Incumbent Companies Take On Big Tech

– The Economist

Since 2014 new tech firms have captured 42% of the rise in the value of America’s stock market. But conventional companies are at last getting their acts together: of the 20 most valuable non-tech firms, 14 now have digital strategies. They seek to counteract Silicon Valley’s giants with acquisitions and organic investment. As tech strategy becomes a matter of survival, their bets will only grow larger.