About 5 years ago

07/16/2018 - In A Tight Labor Market, Retirees Fill Gaps Their Previous Employers Can’t

– The New York Times
At a moment when the unemployment rate is low, hovering around 3.9 percent, some employers are turning to their pool of retirees to fill holes in their staff.
 The New York Times
From the New York Times opinion editorial page: “It’s the American dream: We’re supposed to improve ourselves, get a better job, move on and up. But in too many instances, secret agreements between employers are stifling workers’ ability to parlay their hard work and experience into better-paying jobs and a chance to climb the career ladder.”
– The Wall Street Journal
Early projects likely to shape the direction of a program that gives tax breaks in low-income neighborhoods.
– The Washington Post
The study found that users of the home sharing platform generally eat in the neighborhood restaurants near where they are staying. However, the spillover effect does not hold true when 50 percent or more of a neighborhood’s residents are black or Hispanic.