About 5 years ago

07/17/2018 - Labor Organizers Look To Apps To Reach Wider Audiences

– HuffPost
HuffPost features OUR Walmart’s mobile app WorkIt and reveals plans from labor organizers to use the online platform to foster activism. While OUR Walmart has had limited success organizing the country’s largest retailers, other employers would be wise to watch the emerging organizing techniques the group is refining.
 The Washington Post
The global cashless movement has reached Washington, where a growing number of fast-casual establishments and other spots are saying no to greenbacks in favor of plastic and mobile payments. Critics of no-cash policies say they shut out the 1 in 10 District residents who don’t have bank accounts and undocumented immigrants who can’t easily sign up for cards.
– The Washington Post
Nearly 1,800 Amazon workers in Spain went on strike Monday during Prime Day, the company’s biggest sales day of the year, according to labor activists. Thousands more Amazon employees in Germany are expected to walk off the job Tuesday, the second day of the 36-hour sale, for similar reasons.
In opening its new Nike by Melrose boutique in trendy West Hollywood, Nike hopes it has found a way to bridge the divide between online and conventional shopping, solving a puzzle that has largely defied the best minds in the retail industry.