About 5 years ago

07/18/2018 - Unions Aren’t A Thing Of The Past. Unions Are Our Future.

– The Hill
The Hill’s opinion page looks at where the future of unionization may come from.
 The Wall Street Journal
Spending on education and training in the U.S. is focused almost entirely on people younger than 25 years old and in school. Relatively little is spent during a person’s working life by employers or the government, potentially leaving them without the ideal skill set for modern jobs.
– Bloomberg
Some private-sector companies in the U.S. still aren’t bringing their employee-leave policies up-to-date quickly enough to avoid liability for alleged discrimination against disabled workers.
– The New York Times
In a setback for McDonald’s, a federal administrative law judge on Tuesday rejected a proposed settlement between the company and the government’s top labor-law prosecutor in a case that could threaten the viability of the franchise business model.