About 4 years ago

11/20/2018 - Wall Street Predicts Economy Slowing Dramatically As 2020 Nears

– The Washington Post
Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell is projecting economic growth will slow “significantly” in the second half of 2019 as the twin jolts from tax cuts and a bump in federal spending fade while the Fed continues raising interest rates.
 The Wall Street Journal
Apple criticism of Google, Facebook highlights the harmful side effects of ad-supported services.

The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse In America’s Richest Cities

– Bloomberg
A toxic combination of slow wage growth and skyrocketing rents has put housing out of reach for a greater number of people.
– National Law Review
When first introduced in 2017, the Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance went nowhere. But earlier this year a new version of the Fair Workweek Ordinance was introduced, with a notable change that exempts small businesses that employ fewer than 50 employees. And, the Chicago City Council may have taken a step closer this month when it created an Office of Labor Standards to put teeth into its relatively new Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage ordinances.